Tip Of The Day

Don't drive like you own the road. Drive like you own the car.

Click It or Ticket!

Always wear your seat belt and make sure all passengers buckle up, too.

School Bus

Always stop for a school bus with flashing lights. The flashing lights mean that students are either getting on or off the bus and may be crossing the street.

Their safety depends on cars obeying this law.

Fire Lanes

Don't park in fire lanes. Not only will you get a ticket, but you could be blocking the area where a fire truck needs to park in case of an emergency.

Turn Your Headlights On

It is a Louisiana Law that you have to turn your lights on whenever your windshield wipers are on. In rain, fog, sleet, freezing rain, or snow.

It will help your visibility and also help other drivers see you.

To Pass Or Not To Pass?

Passing another car can be tricky for the new driver. Whenever in DOUBT on whether you can safely pass, don't try it. Here are some passing tips.Don't Pass

  • When there is a solid yellow line on your side 
  • When you're uncertain there is enough time or space 
  • When you can't see around a curve or over a hill 
  • When behind multiple cars and passing one car doesn't really make any difference 
  • On two lane roads, don't pass tractors or trucks or other vehicles you can't see around 
  • In hazardous weather conditions 
  • When another car is coming toward you in the opposite lane 
  • When a car is passing you 
  • When there is construction or road work 
  • When the car in front of you is going the maximum speed limit 
  • When on narrow roads, on bridges, or in tunnels 
  • When you are unfamiliar with the car you are driving and its capabilities 
  • Don't play leap frog by passing a friend that just passed you 

Passing with Caution

  • Only pass if there's a dotted line on your side. 
  • Check that the passing lane is clear. 
  • Signal before you pass. 
  • Pass at least ten miles per hour faster than the car you're passing while not exceeding the speed limit. 
  • Make sure you have cleared the passed car with enough space before pulling back into your lane.